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how we started

Youmi Academy

Youmi Academy Sdn Bhd was created in early 2020 to help entrepreneurs who were oppressed by the pandemic Covid-19. We’re focusing into masterclasses, which is eCommerce Masterclass, to help boost online sales and Social Media Masterclass, to improve digital marketing

Youmi Academy was established with the vision of assisting entrepreneurs to make income from online business with minimum capitals and address the common pain point as below:

Attended the program but facing issue when practicing

Lack of knowledge to start an online business

Having trouble run marketing campaign for online business

Need someone to verify marketing strategy made

Youmi Academy

The Journey

Youmi Academy provided Business Mentors, who can help entrepreneur develop their ideas for growth by sharing skills, expertise, experience and contacts. Through out 12 month programme entrepreneurs will having :

In 3 days training, Mentee able to use online marketplace effectively. Mentee able to analyze data from sales made. With developed skill, Mentee able to create other store in different platform

In 12 series of training, Mantee able to identify various online store & market place to be use to magnify current online business. Mentee also able to expand their business throughout Malaysia market

In 4 one-to-one session, Mentor will help to develop Mentee’s business model while Mentees able to expand their knowledge and skills, gain valuable advice from a more experienced person

Throughout the year, Mentee able to develop opportunities through networking, access to like-minded business and larger audience, work with other businesses and saving time and effort in research

We Work Hard To Prepare Every Entrepreneur For Their Business Success

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous learning that entrepreneurs prefer and the emphasis given to increasing the growth of their business.


Our Expert Educators

Coach Youmeden

Digital Marketing Professional

Coach Jep

Marketplace Practitioner

Coach Suraya Ali

Content Marketing Professional
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